Unintentional Injuries

Unintentional Injuries are described as those injuries that are caused by accidental means such as drowning, road traffic crashes, occupational accidents, burns, falls or even poisoning. While unintentional injuries are harder to anticipate, they can be prevented by taking extra precautions in our everyday lives.

In 2020, across 9 hospitals a total of 7633 Road Traffic Crashes and 11678 Accidental Injuries were reported. It is important that persons follow guidelines that are set to help with the prevention of these injuries.

These include:

  1. Adhering to the road code
  2. Storing flammable objects properly and out of the reach of children
  3. Adhering to occupational safety guides set at your workplace.
  4. Proper use and storage of harmful objects.
  5. Being more aware of our environment as we go about our daily lives.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a necessity in all homes, offices, and cars. It allows for initial management of injuries until further medical attention can be received.

It should have essentials such as:

First Aid Kit item Purpose
Gloves Protection of hands from bodily fluids
Bandages Application of pressure to sites of bleeding
Gauze Covering wounds
Cotton and 70% Rubbing alcohol Cleaning the surface of  the skin
Antibiotic ointment Dressing of wounds
Antihistamines Treatment of allergic reactions and itchy rashes

Emergency numbers

Ambulance and Fire : 110

(Also have the numbers of your primary practitioner and nearest emergency room at hand).