About the Team

Vision Statement

Health-conscious Jamaicans with improved health status to limit the impact of non-communicable diseases and injuries in our population.


Mission Statement

Creating effective policies in fighting to prevent and control non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Jamaica by coordinating the NCD Agenda using effective surveillance of NCDs and injuries to make informed decisions.

The Non-Communicable Disease and Injury Prevention Unit operates at the national level in the Ministry of Health and Wellness to institute policy and develop programmes to aid in the reduction of Non-Communicable Diseases in Jamaica. Within the Regions across the island there are also NCD Coordinators who are aid the fight at the regional level in a more service focused perspective.


Three main strategies are employed to reduce the burden of NCDs in Jamaica:

  1. Tracking the disease burden and utilizing the data to guide policies and programmes
  2. Reducing exposure of Jamaicans to the common risk factors for non-communicable diseases and injuries
  3. Strengthening health care systems for people with non-communicable diseases.


Our Major Roles Include:

  1. Developing a national Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Control policies and strategies.
  2. Ensuring an effective disease surveillance system for non-communicable diseases including injuries to define needs identify priorities, and guide policy and programme development.
  3. Providing leadership and coordination in the management of programmes for the prevention and control of chronic diseases and injuries
  4. Capacity building and technical support on Non-communicable diseases including injuries prevention and control.
  5. Monitoring and evaluating NCDs response to ensure on-going feedback and program effectiveness.
  6. Supporting and fostering multisectoral policies and partnerships for NCD prevention and control.

National Team

Dr. Tamu Davidson


Dr. Julia Rowe-Porter

Medical Epidemiologist

Dr. Cathi-Ann Williams

Risk Factor Programme Development Officer

Dr. Gail Evering Kerr

Programme Development Officer

Ms. Londi-ann Ottey

Programme Development Officer

Ms. Rushell Francis


Mrs. Alician Boxe-Flynn

Programme Officer

Regional Team (NCD Coordinators)

Dr. Marcia Johnson-Campbell


Dr. Yasine Hanna


Dr. Micas Campbell-Foreman


Dr Kimberly Dunkley